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Here’s our list of First Anniversary Paper Gifts

A traditional first anniversary paper gift is a personal love letter or a romantic poem, but there are many more first anniversary paper gifts that will reflect your love for each other. You can choose to express your love with photographs, love notes, or a beautiful paper flower. Allow your emotions to flow from the heart and he will love the end result. Much like a marriage, paper can be folded and changed into many different forms, and that is why it is so symbolic for a first anniversary paper gift. With so many creative options available, it can be difficult to choose the right one. Here are some unique ideas for the perfect first anniversary paper gifts:

A First Anniversary Paper Gift that is Pure Romance

First Anniversary Paper Gifts: Photo of a custom LoveBooklearn more button

Create a romantic LoveBook for that special someone and to let him know how you feel inside. This is a unique first anniversary paper gift that will beautifully showcase your wedding memories. The LoveBook has numerous options to make it a more personalized gift, which includes a variety of beautiful covers, pages, and images for you to use how you choose. Your loved one will appreciate this thoughtful first anniversary paper gift, with page after page stating all the various reasons they are loved. Each page also includes an illustration that allows you can change different features and create a personal look. This one-of-a-kind book will make his heart melt, just like the first day he met you.

Give an Anniversary Gift That Will Last a Lifetime

First Anniversary Paper Gifts: Couple exchanging their anniversary daylearn more button

MyDayRegistry is a great first anniversary paper gift. You can dedicate your wedding anniversary with this online registry, which allows only one event to be registered per day. Every exclusive title and ownership rights will be recorded in the International Day Registry database, and you will also receive a certificate in an elegant frame to showcase your very special day. This package also includes an online profile which you can personalize with your favorite photos, videos, and music for everyone to view. Let your love live on forever with this first anniversary paper gift that is sure to impress.

Leave Them Wanting More with KindNotes

First Anniversary Paper Gifts: Write Custom love notes to your Loved Onelearn more button

Everyone loves to hear a compliment, so give them one everyday with KindNotes. Your special someone will be smiling when they open a message of love every day with this first anniversary paper gift. This romantic keepsake jar contains your personal love notes enclosed in beautiful linen envelopes. You also have a choice of selecting one of the numerous thoughtful messages, which are provided on the website. This romantic first anniversary paper gift is a meaningful gesture.

Celebrate Your First Anniversary Paper Gift with a Calendar

Create a calendar from your wedding photoslearn more button

Create a personal calendar celebrating your first year of marriage. Fill this genuine calendar from Minted, with all of the pictures from your first year together as a married couple. The variety of stunning backgrounds will let you really personalize this first anniversary paper gift. Remind your spouse how much they are loved every month, with this thoughtful first anniversary paper gift.

Give a Paper Rose for Your First Anniversary Paper Gift

Give her hand made paper roses on your first Anniversarylearn more button

These beautiful paper roses are a unique first anniversary paper gift. With JustPaperRoses you have a variety of styles to choose from and they are made to last a lifetime. Your choices include life-like paper roses, paper roses which include your own unique message, or even camouflage paper roses. This first anniversary paper gift is a wonderful way to remind your spouse of your love for each other.

Give a Heartfelt Anniversary Gift with Timeless Message in a Bottle

Write a first anniversary poem and lock it in a bottlelearn more button

This first anniversary paper gift is a thoughtful way to show you care. Your very own heartfelt message is enclosed inside a gorgeous bottle, with many different styles to select. At TimelessMessage you can choose from a variety of beautiful bottles, like the custom heart-shaped bottle which includes a key to symbolize that your spouse has the key to your heart. This is a very romantic first anniversary paper gifts.

Create a Lasting Impression for Your Anniversary

A sketch of a Man holding a woman's handlearn more button

MyDaVinci provides a team of professional artists to create a truly unique work of art. This first anniversary paper gift is sure to impress, with six different art mediums to choose from finding the perfect style should be easy. These beautiful styles include a pencil sketch, ink rendering, color pencil, DaVinci sketch, oil painting, or watercolor. These first anniversary paper gifts will last a lifetime.

Have Some Fun with this First Anniversary Paper Gift

Create a paper puzzle from your wedding photoslearn more button

Create a personal jigsaw puzzle from CafePress, and let the fun begin. This creative puzzle will display your wedding photograph, which can later be framed to enjoy for years. You can also choose from a wide assortment of beautiful images to create your own unique puzzle. A puzzle is a fun and romantic first anniversary paper gift that you can enjoy together for many years.

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Create a meaningful first anniversary paper gift with these many wonderful ideas. Your first anniversary paper gifts should reflect the love and desire you have for your partner. By making your spouse a passionate gift, you will tap deep into their heart and soul. A first anniversary paper gift from the heart will always be appreciated, and like a marriage, it will last a lifetime.

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