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Whether your love is brand-new or decades strong,  paper anniversary gift ideas are a great way to celebrate your love. Paper is the traditional first anniversary gift, and with so many options to choose from today, it can be a difficult decision to make. Although a paper gift might not sound very romantic or heartfelt, it is actually one of the most versatile materials, much like a marriage. When it comes to choosing or creating you paper anniversary gift ideas, think outside the box. Your paper anniversary gift idea doesn’t have to be a book. Here are some ideas for the perfect paper anniversary gift ideas:

Celebrate Your Anniversary with a Beautiful Photo Book

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A photo book is a romantic way to express your love. To help you celebrate your relationship, MixBook has numerous templates for you to choose from to make your photo book one of this years perfect paper anniversary gift ideas. You can easily customize each design and text, create and move your own stickers, or change the colors to personalize your own photo book. Express your love with meaningful pictures that you can enjoy for a lifetime.

Give a Heartfelt Anniversary Gift with MyDayRegistry

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MyDayRegistry is the only online registry created to honor your anniversary, and by dedicating this special event it will allow your day to live on forever. When you register your anniversary, you will receive a personalized certificate in a beautiful floating frame, and your exclusive title and ownership will be recorded in an online registry of Dedication. You will also enjoy a personalized online memory book to display everything from your special day.

Keep Them Guessing with KindNotes

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Send your loved one a romantic note, with this paper anniversary gift idea. Put a smile on their face every day with a message of love. KindNotes is a wonderful gift that includes a genuine keepsake jar filled with love notes enclosed in elegant linen envelopes. You can choose from a wide range of pre-printed messages, or create your own personal love note. This heartfelt paper anniversary gift idea is the perfect way to show you care.

A Calendar is a Great Paper Anniversary Gift Idea

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Create your own calendar for that special someone, and fill their heart with memories month after month. This genuine calendar from Minted will beautifully display your personal photographs on a variety of backgrounds. You can customize each page to reflect their individual personality. These photo calendars make great paper anniversary gift ideas that anyone can enjoy.

A Paper Rose is Perfect for Your Paper Anniversary Gift Idea

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Everyone loves to get flowers, so imagine getting ones that will last a lifetime. The JustPaperRoses are gorgeous paper roses with a large assortment to choose from, which include stunning origami orchids, beautiful life-like paper roses, or paper roses which have your own personalized message. These wonderful paper roses are a unique paper anniversary gift idea.

The Original Paper Anniversary Gift Idea

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A classic or one-of-a-kind book is always a great paper anniversary gift idea. With so many topics to choose from, picking the perfect book for your spouse shouldn’t be difficult. For an extra special paper anniversary gift idea, you can always look for a limited edition book, or one that is signed by the author. Books are a very versatile paper anniversary gift idea.

Create a Work of Art for Your Anniversary

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Turn your favorite photograph into an amazing work of art using MyDaVinci. Their paper anniversary gift idea are a romantic gesture that your spouse will truly enjoy. You can choose from six different art styles which include a pencil sketch, ink rendering, DaVinci sketch, watercolor, color pencil, or oil painting. A team of talented artists will create an impressive masterpiece, making this a treasured paper anniversary gift idea.

Create a Fun Paper Anniversary Gift Idea

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Display your favorite photo on a jigsaw puzzle with CafePress. This creative paper anniversary gift idea will express your love on a unique puzzle. You can also create a customized puzzle from a large variety of beautiful images provided on the website. This paper anniversary gift idea is a fun way to share your love.

Create a lasting impression with paper anniversary gift ideas for your spouse. These memorable paper anniversary gift ideas should spark your imagination and give you a meaningful gift for your loved one that will last a lifetime. A paper gift will let you creatively express your lust and affection on your anniversary day. Your paper anniversary gift idea should be a reflection of your relationship.

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